CURRICULUM VITAE (abbreviated):  September 25, 2017


Curtis J. Bonk

3432 S. Ashwood Drive

Bloomington, IN 47401

Mobile: (812) 322-curt (2878)




YouTube Channel:


Google Scholar:

Personal Homepages:; and



Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (minor Ed Tech), 1989, University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S., 1987, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Major: Educational Psychology.

   1984/85, UW-Waukesha and Univ. of WI-Madison Extension, coursework in Psychology.

B.A., 1981, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Major: Accounting. (3.83 G.P.A. Magna Cum Laude)



            1996            Certification in Distance Education, Indiana University, Continuing Studies Dept.

            1983            Certified Public Accountant (CPA) License granted December 16, 1983.


Professional Experience

2005-present   Professor, Dept. of Instructional Systems Technology (IST), Indiana University.

       Adjunct Faculty Member: IU School of Informatics, 2002-present.

       Associate Faculty Member: IU Cognitive Science Program, 1992-present.

1999-present  President and Founder, CourseShare, LLC, Bloomington, Indiana.

2003-2010      President and Founder, SurveyShare, Inc., Bloomington, Indiana.

2003-2005      Professor, Dept. of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Indiana University.

       Adjunct Member, Instructional Systems Technology Department, 1999-2005.

       Core Member: Center for Research on Learning & Tech (CRLT) 1998-2005.

1997-2003      Associate Professor (tenured in 1997), Dept. of Counseling and Educ. Psych, Indiana Univ.

1992-1997      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Indiana University.

1989-1992      Assistant Professor, Dept. of Educational Psychology, West Virginia University.

1987-1988      Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Cur. & Inst, Mainstreaming course, UW-Madison.

1986-1987      Project Assistant, Gifted & Talented Outreach & Madison Extension, UW-Madison.

1984-1986      Assistant Controller, Automated Systems, Inc., Brookfield, WI.

1983-1984      Controller, R & J Medical Supply, Inc., Milwaukee, WI.

1981-1983      Auditor and Tax Accountant, Vrakas Blum, Waukesha, WI.


Web Software Development and Project Development

     1999-2017 Web Developer/Supervisor: Various E-Learning Portals and Tools (supervised dozens of people),,, the Caseweb, the Smartweb;,,,,,, and supervisor of INSITE website for textbook (Psychology Applied to Teaching (9th Ed.))

Also SurveyShare, Inc. (tens of thousands of users; millions of survey respondents)

1991-1992 Designer, James Paige Learning Ctr Complex & Computer Lab, Wheeling, WV.

1991-1992 Co-designer, Project Y.E.S. (Youth Enrichment Services), summer at-risk youth camp.


Courses Taught

1.                 P251/254/255 Undergraduate Educational Psychology

2.                 M101/201 Lab Experience for Educational Psychology (above course)

3.                 P540 Learning and Cognition in Education

4.                 P544 Applied Cognition and Learning Strategies

5.                 P640 Thinking and Learning in Social Contexts

6.                 R511 Instructional/Educational Technology Foundations

7.                 R546 Instructional Strategies for Thinking, Collaboration, and Motivation

8.                 R678 Emerging Learning Technologies

9.                 R685 (Seminar with various titles; e.g., Interactive Tech for Learning and Collaboration)

10.             Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry


Online Learning, Videoconferencing, and MOOC Teaching Experiences

1.     Taught 24 Web Courses (P254/255 (4); M201 (5); P540 (5); R511 (4); R546 (1); R678 (5); R685 (3))

2.     Taught 23 Videoconferencing Courses (P540 (1); P640 (2); R546 (16); P600/R685 (4))

3.     Taught 1 Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Blackboard/CourseSites, Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success, April-June 2012 (3,400 people enrolled).


Honors, Awards, and Recognitions

2015-2018   Guest Professor, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China.

2016            AACE Fellowship Award "In Recognition of Outstanding Leadership & Service to the Profession and AACE." Presented at E-Learn 2016, November 15, 2016.

2016            AECT Division of Distance Learning (DDL) Distance Education Book Award. 2016 -- First Place. MOOCs and Open Education Around the World, Las Vegas, NV.

2016            Outstanding Contrib to eLearning, Global TechLearn Congress, Mumbai, India.

2015            AECT Division of Distance Education (DDL) Journal Article Award—Quantitative Based, 2015-Second Place, AECT 2015, Indianapolis, IN.

2014            Outstanding Contrib to Ed, Global TechLearn Congress, Mumbai, India, Nov 2014.

2014            Mildred B. and Charles A. Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Practitioner in Distance Education Award; Distance Teaching & Learning Confer., Madison, WI.

2012            IAP (Information Age Publishing) DDL Distance Education Journal Article Award, 2012-First Place for “Advancing Practice, AECT, Louisville, KY.

2012            IAP, Distance Ed Book Award, Third Place, The World is Open, AECT, Louisville.

2009            Trustees' Teaching Award, Indiana University, School of Education.

2009            Executive Committee Chair, Advisory Board, E-Learn Conference.

2007-2017   Visiting Professor, Univ. of Glamorgan; now the Univ. of South Wales, Wales, UK.

2005            Trustees' Teaching Award, Indiana University, School of Education.

2004            Alumni Achievement Award, University of Wisconsin, School of Education

2003            The Most Outstanding Achievement by an Individual in Higher Education Award from the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), Washington, DC.

2003-2005        Senior Research Fellow, US Dept of Defense, Advanced Distrib Lrng (ADL) Lab.

2003            Innovative Teaching Award: Teaching in a Distance Education Program.  Indiana Partnership for Statewide Ed, Indiana HE Telecommunication System Conference.

2002            CyberStar Award, May 17, 2002, Indiana Info Tech Assoc (INITA), Indianapolis, IN. Award Winner for: “Educational Contribution to IT in Higher Education.”

2000            Wilbert Hites Mentoring Award, First Recipient, Indiana University.

            1999-2003    Senior Research Fellow, U. S. Army Research Institute

1999                        Burton Gorman Teaching Award in the School of Education, Indiana University.

1999            Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA), Indiana University.

1998            Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA), Indiana University.

1997            Teaching Excellence Recognition Award (TERA), Indiana University.

1992            Zenith Computer Masters of Innovation IV Competition; 1st Place: Literacy.


Other Honors, Awards, and Recognitions

2017            RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#71), Education Week.

            2016            Certificate of Outstanding Reviewer, The Internet and Higher Education.

2016            RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#69), Education Week, Rick Hess.

2015-2017   Faculty Associate, Center for International Ed, Development & Research (CIEDR).

2015            Routledge “Author of the Month” for Education, June 2015.

2015            Editors’ Choice Article, The Internet and Higher Education: “The tensions of transformation in three cross-institutional wikibook projects.”

2015            2015 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#73), Educ Week, Rick Hess.

            2014            Affiliate Faculty Member: Center for Computer-Mediated Communication, IU.

            2014            Affiliate Faculty Member: Southeast Asian Studies Center, Indiana University.

2014            2014 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#86), Education Week.

2013            Visiting Scholar, November 2013, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

2013            Visiting Scholar, November 2013, National Sun Yat-Sen Univ., Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

2013            Visiting Scholar, September 2013, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan.

2013            Outstanding Reviewer of 2012, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Ed, Emerald.

2013            2013 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#123), Education Week.

2013            Online resources from MOOC published in MERLOT, Teacher Educ Editorial Board, Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success.

2012            2012 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Presence Rankings (#108), Education Week.

2009            Outstanding Paper Award, Wikibooks & Wikibookians: Loosely-Coupled Community or Future of Textbook Industry?, Ed Media 2009, Honolulu, Hawaii.

2008            Sloan-C Effective Practices recognition for paper on synchronous teaching/learning.

2006            Instructional Science, Most frequently downloaded article recognition.

2006            Visiting Scholar, September 2006, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

2006            Outstanding Paper Award, Does sense of community matter? An examination of participants’ perspectives in online courses.  E-Learn 2006, Honolulu, Hawaii.

            1998-2003  Affiliate Faculty Member: Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center, IU.

2001-2003  Adjunct Professor at the Univ. of Akron as part of a faculty mentoring program.

2001            Visiting Scholar, June 2001; Univ. of Tampere, Hypermedia Lab, Tampere, Finland.

            2001            Army Study Highlights, Applying Collaborative and e-Learning Tools to Military Distance Learning: A Research Framework by C. J. Bonk & Robert A. Wisher (2000), Paper Selected for potential impact on the Army & methodology used.

2000            Visiting Scholar, August 2000, Univ. of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

1999                        First Faculty Fellow, Wisdom Tools, Inc, Bloomington, Indiana

1998            Visiting Scholar, Nov. 1998, Simon Fraser Univ. & Virtual Univ, Vancouver, CN

1997            Visiting Scholar, May 1997; Univ. of Oulu, Finland.

1996-98       Faculty Fellow (for technology research): The Center for Excellence in Educ (CEE).


Professional Interests:

Self-directed online learning, open education, MOOCs, e-learning, blended learning, distance education, informal learning, motivation, emerging learning technologies, collaborative writing


Professional Affiliations

American Educational Research Association (AERA), Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)


Student Dissertation Research and Program Advising:

Completed Dissertations: 92 = 4 at WVU + 86 at IU (21 Chair) + 2 at other universities

Completed Doctoral Programs of Studies: 57 = 1 at WVU + 56 at IU (17 as Chair/Advisor)


Research Funding, Contracts, and Grants Received:

2007-2009   Leveraging Educational Technology to Keep America Competitive                 $3,108,879

                    IU Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP) and the

                    Granato Group (DC)) Funded by: U.S. Dept of Education, Washington, DC

2004-2005   Coordinated research and evaluation project on motivation and design                $67,995

of online courses at ITT Technical Institute. (10 people supervised)

2003-2005   Dept. of Defense, Consortium Research Fellows Program, Advanced                  $25,025

Distributed Learning (ADL) Lab, research on educational and training

potential of massive multiuser online games; designed experiments.

2000-2003   Teacher Institute for Curric Knowledge about Integration of Tech (TICKIT)      $150,000

Funded: Arthur Vining Davis Foundations; Authors: Bonk & Ehman

2000-2003   U.S. Army Research Institute, Consortium Research Fellows Program, TrainToday $42,000 Research projects on collab learning technology in military settings.

2000-2001   Jones, Denver, Colorado.                                                            $20,000

1999-2000   U.S. Army Research Institute, Consortium Research Fellows Program, TrainToday $15,000; Research on learner-centered framework for collaborative technology

1999-2000   Teacher Institute for Curric Knowledge about Integration of Tech. (TICKIT)       $32,116

Funded by: Five School Districts; Authors: Ehman & Bonk

1998-1999   Teacher Institute for Curric Knowledge about Integration of Tech. (TICKIT)       $37,898

Funded by: Ackerman Family Foundation (& Walden University)

1998-1999   Strengthening an Infrastructure in Support of Research on the Linkage               $50,000

Of Learning Theory, Pedagogy, and Technology. IU, Grad Studies.

1997-1998   IU, Proffitt Grant, Web-Based Conferences for Preservice Teacher Ed                $12,000.

1996-1999   IU Research and Univ. Grad. School (RUGS), Preparing Future Faculty.           $60,000.

1995-1996   IU Intercampus Grant, Qualitative Analysis of Learner-Centered Tool                 $10,000.

Adaptation in an Electronic Community of Elem St. Weather Forecasters

1994-1995   IU InterCampuswide Research Grant, Embedding Constructive Multimedia.      $15,386.

Tools and an Electronic Community within an Elementary Weather Unit.

1993            IU, Kempf Research Funding, Measuring Students' Perception of

Constructivistic Learning Environments: SCALE Refinement & Validation.    $10,000.

1990-91       Governor's Drug-Free Communities Grant, Project Y.E.S.                                    $50,000.
Publication Summary (as of September 25, 2017):

Main Publications                                                                Other:

Books                                   10                                             Magazine and Newsletter Articles          21

Electronic and Other Books      5                                          Personal Interviews                    13

Journal Articles                    103                                            Guest Blog Posts                                    13

Book Chapters & Forewords   54                                          Book Reviews                               4

Technical/Research Reports    13                                          ERIC/Other Docs                                      8

Conference Proceedings       81                                             Dissertations and Master’s Theses            2

                    Total Main      266                                                            Total Other                  61

                    Grand Total = 327 (plus 5 articles in review or revision)


(Note: Additionally, 14 of the above publications have been republished (with permission) as book chapters, 1 as a technical report, and 1 other as a journal article or 17 total reprints.)


Articles Submitted or In Revision (* = Refereed; R = Research; T = Teaching):

*R                Lee, J., & Bonk, C. J. (in review). Integrating Flipped Learning with Team-Based Learning in Pre-service Teacher Education: Learning Experiences and Collaborative Outcomes. Studies in Higher Education.


*R                Bonk, C. J., Zhu, M., Kim, M., Xu, S., Sabir, N., & Sari, A. (in review). Pushing toward a more personalized MOOC: Exploring instructor selected activities, resources, and technologies for MOOC design and implementation. The International Review of Research on Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL).


*R                Bonk, C. J., Sabir, N., Sari, A., Zhu, M., Xu., S., & Kim, M. (in preparation). MOOC instructors’ efforts to address learner diversity in design and implementation. Educational Technology Research and Development (ETR&D).


*R                Zhu, M., Bonk, C. J., & Sari, A. (in review). Instructors’ Experience of Designing MOOCs in Higher Education: Considerations and Challenges. Computers and Education.


*R                Handoko, E., Robin, B., Grosneth, S., McNeil, S., Watson, M., & Bonk, C. J. (in review). The Impact of Self-Regulated Learning on Students’ Completion of Massive Open Online Courses. The Internet and Higher Education.



Bonk, C. J. (1989). The effects of generative and evaluative computerized prompting strategies on the development of children's writing awareness and performance. Dissertation Abstracts International, 51-03, 789A. (University Microfilms No. 89-23, 313).


Master’s Thesis:

     Bonk, C. J. (1987). The effects of convergent and divergent computer software on children's critical and creative thinking. Unpublished Manuscript. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin.


Books (+ = Reviewed; R = Research; T = Teaching):

+R                Bonk, C. J., Lee, M. M., Reeves, T. C., & Reynolds, T. H. (Eds.). (2015). MOOCs and open education around the world. NY: Routledge. (also in Korean and Chinese)


+T                 Bonk, C. J., & Khoo, E. (2014). Adding Some TEC-VARIETY: 100+ Activities for Motivating and Retaining Learners Online. and Amazon CreateSpace. (also in Chinese)


+T                Bonk, C. J. (July 2009). The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. (also in Arabic and Chinese)


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T.             Clasen, D. R., & Bonk, C. J. (Compilers). (1988). Teachers tackle thinking: Critical thinking in the classroom. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin-Extension. (Note: for nationally distributed telecourse).


Special Journal Issues Edited:

                     Lee, M. M., Bonk, C. J., Reynolds, T. H., & Reeves, T. C. (Eds.) (2015). Special Issue: MOOCs and Open Education. International Journal on E-Learning, 14(3), 261-400.


                     Bonk, C. J., Lee, M. M., & Reynolds, T. H. (Eds.) (2009). Special Issue: A Special Passage through Asia E-Learning. International Journal on E-Learning. 8(4), 1-160.



Journal Articles and Related Publications:

(Note: * = Refereed; + = Reviewed; R = Research; T = Teaching)

*R                Ozdemir, O., & Bonk, C. J. (in press). Turkish teachers’ awareness of OER and perceptions of its opportunities and challenges. Journal of Learning for Development.


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Book Chapters, Forewords, and Other Book Contributions:

(Note: * = Refereed; + = Reviewed; R = Research; T = Teaching)

+R                Bonk, C. J., Lee. M. M., Reeves, T. C., & Reynolds, T. H. (2018). The emergence and design of massive open online courses. In R. A. Reiser & J. V. Dempsey (Eds.), Trends and issues in instructional design & technology (4th Ed.), (pp. 250-258). NY: Pearson Education.


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(Note: * = Refereed; + = Reviewed; R = Research; T = Teaching)

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Book Reviews:

Bonk, C. J. (2016). In What Ways are Instructional Technologists Underrated? A review of “Humans Are Underrated: What High Achievers Know that Brilliant Machines Never Will,” by Geoff Colvin (2015). NY: Portfolio/Penguin, Educational Technology.


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Interviews Published:

Zhu, M., & Zhao, Y. (2017). MOOCs and open education: Possible roles, pedagogical practices, personalization, and pending trends. China Educational Technology-conversation with Drs. Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi Miyoung Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, & Thomas H. Reynolds, China Ed Tech, (5), 30-39. (Note: a portion of this interview also appeared in Innovate Learning Review).


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Note: ERIC Documents (8) and Conference Proceedings (81) (Available upon request)


Talks and Presentations Summary (as of Sept. 25, 2017):

Conference Presentations                                                                  Int’l/National and Other Presentations:

Conference Papers/Presentations                                             157       International/National                                       499

Present/Demo No Paper                 39                                   State/Regional                                          56

Keynotes     /Plenary Talks                                                      277       Local                                                   112

Invited/Special Conf Talks                                                     199       Online Present/Webinars/Videoconfs    92

Workshops/Discussant/Other       118                                   Training Videos on Online Learning         32

     Total Conference/Main Talks                                            790                 Total Int’l/National/Other Talks              791


Grand Total Talks and Presentations = 1,581



Professional Activities:


University/School of Education Institutes and Colloquia Coordinated:

     2017           Host, IU School of Ed, Learning and Teaching with Technology (LTT) faculty showcase.

     2015           Talk at IU, Dr. Thomas Reeves, The University of Georgia.

     2012                          Talks at IU, Gilsun (Sunny) Song, Zhejiang University, China.

     2011                          Talk at IU, Cheolil Lim, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

     2003           Talk at IST Dept Colloquium, Dave Berque, DePauw University, Tablet PCs

     2002           Talk at IU, IST/Ed Psych Colloquium, Okhwa Lee, Korea, e-Learning at Korean Universities

     2001           Talk at IU, Karen Lazenby, University of Pretoria, E-Innovation at the Univ of Pretoria.

     1999           CRLT Forum; IU School of Education, Tools for Teaching and Learning on the Internet.

     1998           Talk at IU by Dr. Isak Froumin of Krasnoyarsk State Univ on Russian schools and Vygotsky.

1997           Talk at IU by Dr. Albert Bandura of Stanford University on social cognitive learning.

     1996-97     Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Friday colloquium series for IU coun & ed psych. grad students.

1994           Talk at IU by Dr. James V. Wertsch of Clark University on sociocultural theory.

1991           Talk at WVU by Dr. Richard Lehrer, Univ. of Wisconsin; "Computer as Knowledge Design Tool."

1990           Three colloquia presentations at WVU and CMU on "Computer Supports for Writing."


Mentoring, Diversity, and Sponsorship: Sponsored dozens of scholars from China, Korea, Israel, Thailand, Australia, Italy, Finland, Russia, etc.


General Consulting, Advice, Evaluation, and Support:

2017                     Expert reviewer (cognitive scientist), Human Brains are Cartographers, by Luca Fitzgerald, Moment of Science, WFIU, July 24, 2017, Indiana Public Media, Indiana U, Bloomington, Indiana (2:00).

2017                     Advice on MOOCs offered to the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA).

2016                     Consulted on proposed MOOC regulations in India, Indian Higher Education, MOOC platform.

2013                     Evaluation of Dept of IT Engineering (CiTE) of Pohang U. of Science & Technology (POSTECH).

2013                     Interviewed for report on “The Role of Education in Building Soft Skills,” Wainhouse Research.

2014                     Interviewed for report on MOOCs and assessment, DEP Institute, Barcelona, Spain.

   2013           Consulting on MOOCs and Online Learning, Columbia College.

   2012           Consulting on online courses, USAF, National Defense University, Norfolk, VA.

   2012           Consulted with Nick Gidwani, Founder of SkilledUp.

   2012           Consulting on Report, Major technology trends in higher education, Open University in the UK.

   2012           Consulting on Report, “Wacom’s Future Scenario for Education,” Wacom, The Netherlands.

   2012           Consulting on state-of-the-art facilities, IU & The Sierra Institute, training facility at Saudi Aramco.

   2011           World expert advice on online & distance lrng, Open Ontario Plan, Ontario Online Institute.

   2011           Expert, OnResearch, Inc., How universities are building, displaying, and distributing online content

   2011           Visioning/consulting, College of Education, University of Missouri.

   2011           Search support for Chair of Lrng Innovation, U of Leicester & Heidrick & Struggles, London, UK.

2010                     Route One Investment Co, San Francisco, Rock Creek Corp Research, Advice on CMS/e-learning.

2010           The Boston Consulting Group, Future of E-Learning.

2009           University of Indianapolis, online and blended learning for two education master’s degrees.

2009           Lufthansa Airlines, New directions in training.

2009           Wiley Publishing, Higher Education Division, digital resources for online learners.

2009           Sverica INt’l, private equity fund in Boston and San Francisco, advice on online training field.

2009           Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois, Consulting on E-learning and Blended Learning.

2009           Institute of Distance Educ, Korea National Open U (KNOU), E-ASEM Lifelong Learning Project

2008           Open University of Malaysia, Master of Instructional Design & Technology (MIDT).

2007           Contact North, Ontario, Canada, Consulting on Blended Learning.

2007           Saudi Aramco, Dharan, Saudi Arabia, Consulting on strategic planning for e-learning.

2006-2007 E-Read Ohio, Univ. of Akron, Consulting on e-learning facilitation online for reading instructors.

2006  Nov  Univ of Houston, Discuss of online lrng, instructional design staff, Div of Ed Tech and Outreach.

2006  May  Southern Alberta Institute of Tech (SAIT), Discussion on Blended Learning & Tech Integration

2006, Mar  The Open University of Israel, Future directions and plans for technology integration.

2005  Nov  Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Discussion on CMS pedagogy.

2005, May  Intel Innovation Center, Dublin, Ireland, Discussions about joint research possibilities.

2003, Dec  York University, Advice on Faculty of Arts online learning faculty development program.

2003           Sun Microsystems, Coordinated Research Partnership between Sun Microcomputer and IU.

2003, Sept  Dubai Women’s College, Advice and reactions to blended learning initiatives.

2003           Member, Online Lrng Academy of Indiana, devel team to create a virtual Charter School in Indiana.

2001, May  Samsung, Credu, coord on cyber learning for Korean executives and possible partnerships with IU.


Other Consulting, Curriculum, Conference, and Program Development

2015                     Consulting, Babson College, online and blended learning.

2015                     Consulting, async. discussions on blended lrng, Academy of Singapore Teachers, Ministry of Ed.

2012                     Feedback, gesture-based learning projects, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

   2012           Consulting, Online Learning, Paxen Learning Corporation.

   2010-2011                 Expert, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Eval of “scorecard” and metrics for digital courseware.

     2010           Expert, Research Study on e-learning, Yanbu Univ. College, Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia.

   2010           Global Expert Panelist, Wacom Education Project Interview, Netherlands, K-12 schools in 2020

   2010          iSMART (Integrated Science, Math and Reflective Teaching; Univ of Houston, Houston, Texas.

   2010          Expert, Research Study: Priorities for YouTube Research Delphi Study, Boise State University.

   2010           Cooperative Extension, For Youth, For Life, Auburn University

2009                     Online master’s program, Hanyang Cyber University, Seoul, Korea.

2008                     Invited Participant, Discussion of new conference in Asia, AACE, Las Vegas, Nevada.

     2002-2003  Member, ECOT; creating a module for online K-12 teacher training program, Columbus, Ohio.

     1997           Member, Walden Univ., Task Force on New Distance Education Leadership Master's Program.

1995           Curric Devel., Ed Psych: Theory into Practice, Slavin Text, 5th Ed, Allyn & Bacon/Prentice Hall.

1993           Curric Developer (with Padma V. Medury), Case examples, Aspects Collab Learning Guide.

1991                     Curriculum Writer, Arthur Andersen World Corp., Instructional Cases on Business Ethics.


Board, Conference Program, Commission, or Advisory Member:

2017           International Review Board, Media Education Conference 2017, Rovaniemi, Finland.

2016-2016 Program Committee, 13th IEEE Int’l Conf. on Advanced & Trusted Computing, Toulouse, France.

2009-2016 Executive Committee Member and proposal reviewer, E-Learn Conference, AACE.

2014-2015 Program Committee Member, Media Education Conference 2015, Salla, Finland.

   2014-2015 Board Member, Innovation Arabia 8, Dubai, UAE.

2013-2014 Chair, E-Learning Trends and Innovations SIG, E-Learn Conference, AACE.

2012           Advisor, 10th Anniversary International Conference, Hanyang Cyber University, Seoul, Korea.

2009-2012  Founding Member of Executive Committee, Global TIME, AACE.

2009-2012 Executive Committee Chair, Advisory Board, E-Learn Conference, AACE.

2009-2012  Conference Co-Founder and Exec Committee, Global Learn 2010 Asia-Pacific Conference, AACE.

2010-2011  Com Member, Online Learning & Elem & Second Ed Authorization (Congressman Rob Andrews).

2010-2010  Program Committee, Technology, Pedagogy, and Educ sub-conference ICCE, Penang, Malaysia.

2008-2009  Int’l Program Committee Member for the IASTED Conf of Web-based Ed, Phuket, Thailand.

2009                     Program Committee, Spaces of Interaction: Online Conversation on Improving Trad. Conf, AACE.

   2008-2009 Int’l Program Committee, IASTED Conf on Web-based Education (WBE 1009), Phuket, Thailand.

2008                     Program Co-Chair, E-Learn 2008, AACE, Las Vegas, Nevada

2003-2007 Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), Editorial Board Member.

2002-2007 Educational Pathways, Distance Education Newsletter, Editorial Board Member.

2006-2006 Advisor, United Star Distance Learning Consortium, USDLC Vision document.

2006-2006 Board Member, Tech and Student Success in Higher Education Report, McGraw-Hill Ryerson.

2004-2005 Innovate (journal of online education), Editorial Board Member.

2003-2005 E-Merging, e-Lrng Conference, Head Advisory Board, Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi.

2001-2004 GET LINKS, Indiana University, Advisory Board Member, Web-based Gerontology Ed Program.

2003-2004, Advisory Board Member.

2000-2004 Jones International Univ, E-Learning master’s degree, Education Academic Advisory Board.

2002-2002 E-Learning in Higher Educ Conference Advisory Member, Online Learning Conference, VNU.

2001-2002 ThoughtShare Communications, Inc., Advisory Board Member.

2000-2002 MetaText (a division of netLibrary), Advisory Council Member.

     1995-1998 Board Member, The Forum on Ed, airing a public radio program on controversial educ. topics.

   1993-1998 Advisory Board Editor, ICRM & ETS Newsletter, Indiana University.


Current Journal, Proposal, Book Chapter, and Newsletter Editor/Reviewer/Board Member:

2017-2018    Reviewer, Educational Researcher (ER).

2017             Reviewer, International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL).

2017-2018    Reviewer, International Review of Education: Journal of Lifelong Learning.

2016-2017    Editorial Board, SpringerBriefs, Open, Distance and eLearning (ODEL)

2016-2017    Editorial Board, Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching and Learning (JRIT&L), Emerald Pub.

2015-2017    Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Open and Distance e-Learning (IJODeL)

2014-2017    Advisory Board Member, Journal of Research in Open, Distance and e-Learning (JRODEL).

2014-2017    Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Smart Technology and Learning

2014-2017    Advisory Board Member and Editorial Board Member, Online Learning (formerly JALN).

2013-2017    Contributing Editor, Educational Technology Magazine.

  2013-2017    Editorial Board Member, Journal for Teaching and Learning with Technology (JoTLT).

2012-2017    Executive Advisory Board, International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL), AACE

2010-2017    Editorial Board, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, Emerald Publishing.

2009-2017    Editorial Board Member, Internet and Higher Education.

2005-2017    International Reference Panel, The Journal of Learning Design.


Book Endorsements: 30 books

Reviews of My Books: 35 published reviews


Television, Film, DVD, Video, and Webcam Appearances and Interviews

2017                     Interviewed for master’s student training video, MOOCs, Open U. of Catalona, Barcelona, Spain,

2017                     Video Interview, MOOC for PennGSE, Online Teaching and Learning, Coursera, Donna Murdoch.  

2017                     Video Interview, 5th Int’l PBL Symposium 2017, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, 2:45.

2016                     Interviewed/videotaped, faculty devel video, Distance Ed PD Dev team, U. of Wisconsin, Madison

2016                     How to Motivate Students Online—Video Interview, Joomla LMS ELearning Blog.

2016                     Videotaped, “Putting the Blend in Blended Learning,” CET/ThinkTV, PBS, Cincinnati, Ohio.

2016                     Adobe Connect, IU, overview of web conferencing and webcasting.

2013                     Faculty development video, Bringing Experts Around the World to Your Class, IU, CIT, Spotlight.

2013                     YouTube, Extra Credits by Blackboard (2:18), BlackboardTV, Thought Leader Reflection.

2012                     Videotaped for faculty PD, Course Networking (CN), Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

2012                     eLi13 promo 58 second video for Saudi Arabia “Third Int’l Conf of e-Learning and Distance Ed (eLi13).

2011                     Videotaped, Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning, Penn State Global Campus.

2011                     Appearance in video “K12 Online 2011,” Video for Flat Classroom project keynotes.

2011                     TV Interview, 2nd Int’l Conf e-Learning & Distance Lrng, Saudi Channel 1, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2010                     Interviewed, Book Study-my book, “The World is Open,” North Carolina Virtual Public Schools.

2010                     Videotaped, PD online broadcast & DVD, Web 2.0 Apps, STARLINK, LeCroy Center, Dallas, TX.

(STARLINK also filmed me in 2009 on blended learning and 2011 in Dallas and Bloomington, IN)

2009                     Interviewed, Cisco Telepresence for Ed Thought Leaders (, World is Open book.

2009                     Cisco Employee TV network; and shown on Cisco TV; Interview with Jenny House, San Jose, CA.

2009                     Webcam interview on my World Is Open book by Robin Good, November 19, 2009.

2009                     TV Interview, WGN TV 8, Midday News, with Steve Sanders and Allison Payne, Chicago, IL,

2009                     TV interview on WTIU/WFIU; “InFocus” show special on education with Shameka Neely.

2009                     Interviewed, Annual Conf. on Distance Tchg & Lrng, perspectives on 25 years of the conference.

2009                     Interviewed for documentary film on changing schools/education. February 24, 2009.

2006           Interviewed/videotaped for Defense Acquisition University, Topic: E-learning, June 6, 2006.

     2006           Interviewed by three Edmonton, Alberta TV Stations, May 3, 2006.

2004                     Inter’d for Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) in Korea for TV series on e-learning in K-12.

     2002           Interviewed & videotaped for Univ. of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, July 23, 2002.

2002           National TV Interview: New Zealand morning news, Re: E-Learning Summit, April 4, 2002.


Radio, Podcast, and Blog Appearances and Interviews

2017                     NPR panel, WFIU, Indiana Public Radio “Noon Edition” on “Digital Tech Impact on Cog Devel.”

2016                     Radio New Zealand, E-Educator – Curt Bonk, by Jessi Mulligan. April 18, 2016.

2015                     Education 3.0: A Conversation with Dr. Curt Bonk, Todd Zipper, Learning House blog.

2014                     Six Online Learning Trends To Watch, by Mackenzie Hurlbert for SkilledUp blog.

2014                     Moving to Online Tchg: Issues & Resources for Educators, Mackenzie Hurlbert for SkilledUp blog.

2010                     Radio interview, New Horizons with Bob Kustra, President, Boise State U., Topic “The World Is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Ed,” Boise State Public Radio (KBSX 91.5).

2010                     NPR show panel member, WFIU, Indiana Public Radio “Noon Edition” on “Online Learning.

2010                     NPR KCRW, LA, “To the Point,” with Sara Terry (also on the show, British actor, Stephen Fry), April 5, 2010, Apple Does It Again, But Does the iPad Live Up to Its Hype?

2009                     Radio interview for “Lake Effect” show, Mitch Teich, “The World Is Open,” November 13, 2009

2009                     Radio, “The Kathryn Zox Show, aired on VoiceAmerica Women's Network & WMET, DC.

2009                     Radio, “Dresser after Dark” show with Michael Dresser, IRA/USA Radio Network, Mequon, WI.

2009                     Radio interview for “Afternoon Show” show with Pete Ferrand, WRJN-AM 1400 AM, Racine, WI.

2009                     Radio “Morning Show” (Eight Forty-Eight) show Eilee Heikenen-Weiss, WBEZ, Chicago, IL.

2009                     Radio “Sunday Mag/NTJ Morning Mag,” Rick Shepard, Johnstown, PA (WKYE 4 other stations).

2009                     Radio panel, “State of Affairs/Studio 619” show with Julie Kredens, Louisville, Kentucky, WFPL.

2009                     Radio “Viewpoints” show, Pat Reuter, Media Tracks Commun., Des Plains, IL (Note: 360 stations)

2009                     Radio, “Public Affairs” Larry Wilson, WROQ-FM 101.1 FM & WTPT-FM 93.3, Greenville, SC.

2009                     Radio interview for “Charlie Sherman Show,” August 28, 2009, WGIR 610 AM Manchester, NH.

2009                     Radio interview, “Conversations with Joy Cardin,” Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), Madison, WI.

2009                     Radio “Morning Show with Shelley Irwin,” WGVU-AM/FM (NPR), Grand Rapids, MI.

2009                     Radio, “These Days,” Maureen Cavanaugh, Hank Crook, KPBS 89.5 FM, San Diego, CA,

2009                     Radio interview for “Tech Talk with Craig Peterson,” WGIR 610 AM Manchester, NH.

2009                     Radio interview for “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” Jim Fleming, Wisconsin Public Radio.

2009                     Radio interview for “LifeTips Radio.” Amanda Smyth, August 5, 2009, Boston, MA,

2009                     Radio interview, “Education Next” with Dan Angelo,” KUCR, 88.3 FM UC Riverside, CA.

2009                     USA Radio Network (350 stations & Armed Forced Network), “Point of View,” John Clemens.

2009                     Radio inter, USA Radio Network (1,100 stations), “Point of View,” John Clemens, July 31, 2009.

2009                     Radio interview, “Something You Should Know,” Mike Carruthers, July 29, 2009, Southport, CT.

2009                     Live interview, NewsRadio AM1340 WTRC in Elkhart, IN with Gary Sieber and Paul Weaver.

2002           National Radio Interview: New Zealand National Radio, Re: E-Learning Summit, April 4, 2002.

2000           National Radio Interview: Canada Public Radio, “Teaching Online,” June 27, 2000.


Newsletter, Newspaper, Magazine, Journal, Press Release, and Report Mentions and Interviews

2017                     Experts Gather at the College to Explore the Future of E-Learning, Kathy Patnaude, U. of Houston.

2017                     Quoted in article: Is Online Learning Better for Introverts? TNT Magazine, January 11, 2017.

2016                     Top Expert Predicts What Will Transform ELearning for 2017, LMS, Joomla, page 5.

2016                     Quoted in article, by Min Hyung Kim, The Seoul Economic Daily, September 22, 2016.

2016                     Curt Bonk Talks about Open Educ., John Orlando, Online Classroom, 16(9), Magna Publications.

2016                     Quoted, Coursera Places a Bet on Corp. Learning, by Jack Robinson, HRE Daily, August 31, 2016.

2016                     Press Releases, Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea, and Chungbuk National University, Korea.

2016                     Featured: Keys to Designing Successful Open Course Experiences, David Raths, Campus Tech.

2016                     Featured: Prof. Curt Bonk enthuses Conf. Wilf Malcolm Institute of Ed Research, U of Waikato.

2016                     Featured in article, “No Catching Technology,” April 8, 2016. Hamilton News, April 8, 2016, p. 5.

2016                     Featured in article: E-learning expert to speak at DEANZ 2016. School News, March 30, 2016.

2016                     Benefits, Drawbacks of Online Lrng for Introverts, Jordan Friedman, U.S. News & World Report.

2015                     Mentioned in press release, South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC).

2015                     Quoted, “Archaeology prof designs first online companion course,” Ryan Lasker, GW Hatchet.

2015                     Quoted, Free iPads With a Catch: Squeal if You Cut Class, Steve Kokowich, Chronicle of HE.

2014                     Inter’d, SeOppi Mag, Finland, “More than 100 motivational ideas for e-learning,” Oili Salminen.

2014                     Are we measured with citations?, Univ. of Tampere, Finland, Taina Repo, U. of Tampere, News.

2014                     Interviewed, Experts Debate Impact of MOOCs on Ed, Devon Haynie, US News & World Report.  

2014                     Quoted, Boston City Campus and Business College, Technology in teaching improves results.

2014                     New Article, Institution for the Promotion of Science and Technology (IPST), Bangkok, Thailand,

2014                     Mentioned in news articles and press releases, March 15, 2014, Hue, Vietnam, Vietnam Press.

2014                     Quoted, “Six Degrees for Busy Adults,” Yahoo! Education, by Molly Marcot, Vantage Media.

2014                     Consider Lrng Style Before Signing for Online Course, Devon Haynie, US News & World Report.

2014                     School of Ed professor Bonk again listed as influential contributor to ed discourse, IU News Room.

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