Abbreviated CURRICULUM VITAE (2 pages): December 3, 2011

Biographical Sketch

Curtis J. Bonk: Project Principle Investigator

School of Education, Instructional Systems Technology Dept., Indiana University

201 N. Rose Avenue, Room 2238, Bloomington, IN 47401

(812) 856-8353,


i. Professional Preparation

1981                    University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Major: Accounting, B.A

1987                    University of Wisconsin-Madison; Major: Educational Psychology, M.S.

1989                    University of Wisconsin-Madison: Major Educational Psychology, Ph.D.


ii. Professional Appointments

2005-Present   Professor, Dept. of Instructional Systems Tech (IST), IU (adjunct 1999-2005)

2005-2011       Adjunct Professor, School of Informatics (affiliate 2002-2005)

1999-present               President & Founder, CourseShare, LLC, Bloomington, Indiana

2003-2010       President & Founder, SurveyShare, Inc., Bloomington, Indiana

2003-2005       Professor, Dept. of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Indiana University

1997-2003       Associate Professor, Dept. of Counseling & Ed Psychology, Indiana University

1992-1997       Assistant Professor, Dept. of Counseling and Educ. Psych., Indiana University

1989-1992       Assistant Professor, Dept. of Educational Psychology, West Virginia University

1984-1986       Assistant Controller, Automated Systems, Inc., Brookfield, WI

1983-1984       Controller, R & J Medical Supply, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

1981-1983       Auditor and Tax Accountant, Vrakas Blum, Waukesha, WI


iii. Publications (five related to the proposed project)

         Bonk, C. J. (2009; 2011 expanded in paperback). The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass/Wiley.

         Bonk, C. J. (2010, April). For Openers: How Technology Is Changing School. Educational Leadership, 67(7), 60-66.

         Bonk, C. J. (2009, July). The World is Open for a Reason: Make that 30 Reasons! eLearn Magazine. Available:

         Bonk, C. J., & Dennen, V. (2007). Frameworks for design and instruction.  In M. G. Moore (Ed.), Handbook of distance education (2nd Ed.) (pp. 233-246).  Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

         Pan, G., & Bonk, C. J. (2007, November). The emergence of open-source software in North America. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. 8(3). Available: (HTML)


Other Significant Publications

         Lin, M.-F., Sajjapanroj, S., & Bonk, C. J. (2011, October-December). Wikibooks and Wikibookians: Loosely-coupled community or the future of the textbook industry? IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 4(4).

         Bonk, C. J., Lee, M. M., Kim, N., & Lin, M.-F. (2009, December). The tensions of transformation in three cross-institutional wikibook projects.  The Internet and Higher Education, 12(3-4), 126-135.

         Bonk, C. J. & Graham, C. R. (Eds.) (2006). The handbook of blended learning: Global perspectives, local designs. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer Publishing.

         Bonk, C. J., & Dennen, V. P. (2005). Massive multiplayer online gaming: A research framework for military education and training.  (Technical Report # 2005-1).  Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Defense (DUSD/R): Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative.

         Bonk, C. J., & Cunningham, D. J. (1998).  Searching for learner-centered, constructivist, and sociocultural components of collaborative educational learning tools.  In C. J. Bonk, & K. S. King (Eds.), Electronic collaborators: Learner-centered technologies for literacy, apprenticeship, and discourse. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.


iv. Synergistic Activities:

         Bonk, C. J. (2000-2005). Senior Research Fellow: Department of Defense and Army Research Institute, includes commissioned paper on Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming (MMOG) to set the research directions for the field.

         Bonk, C. J. (2008-2011), Executive Committee Chair, Advisory Board and program chair, E-Learn Conference--The World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Gov’t, Healthcare, & Higher Education, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

         Bonk, C. J. (2009-2010). Produced and Hosted Online Video Series (27 videos) for Teaching Online, IU, School of Education. “Video Primers in an Online Repository for e-Teaching and Learning” (V-PORTAL),

         Bonk, C. J. (2009-2011). Conference Co-Founder and Executive Committee Member, Global Learn 2010 Asia-Pacific Conference: Global Conference on Learning and Technology, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

         Bonk, C. J. (2011, May). I am Not Content: The Future of Education Must Come Today. Keynote presentation at the 6th Norwegian Defense (NoD) Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Conference, Gol, Norway. (Note: this is 1 of 23 keynote addresses given in 2011.)


v. Collaborators and Co-Editors (from past 5 years):

T. Reynolds (National U), K. Zhang (Wayne State Univ), M. Lee (U of Houston), G. Lin (Hawaii), S. Sajjapanroj (IU), I. Kang (Kyung-Hee Univ), KJ Kim (SKKU, Seoul), Paul Kim (Stanford), V. Acosta (Cal State Long Beach), Y.-J. An (West Georgia), V. P. Dennen (Florida State), J. Hur (Auburn), O. Lee (Chungbuk National Univ), X. Liu (IU), E. J. Oh (UGA), G. Pan (Missouri), H. So (NIE), Y. Teng (Adobe), Y. Yang (Franklin U), S. Zuiker (Rice U), S. Son (Seoul)


Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor (past five years).

Advisor: Shijuan Liu (U of Pennsylvania at Indiana), Jeong-eun Lee (Korea), Manjari Singh (India), Yadi Z. (Indiana State U), Xiaojing Kou (IU), Nari Kim (UW Oshkosh), Chun-Yi Lin (IU), Kwame Dakwa (IU), Ja-Ok Huang (IU), Jingli Cheng (IU)

Visiting Scholar Sponsor: Dr. Jiyon Lee (Pusan), Hyunkyung Lee (Yonsei U), Thanomporn (Toh) Laohajaratsang (Chiang Mai U), Miriam Schcolnik (Tel Aviv U), Yunmi Kim (Seoul National U).

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