Creativity Test: Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (1962)
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The Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) by E. Paul Torrance Torrance has thee components:

1. Thinking Creatively with Pictures measures creative thinking using three picture-based exercises to assess five mental characteristics: fluency, originality, elaboration, abstractness of titles, and resistance to closure (i.e., openness, See NEO-PI-R).

AGE 5+
Duration: 30 minutes

2. The Figural TTCT contains abstract pictures and the examinee is requested to state what the image might be. 

AGE 5+
Duration: 30 minutes.

3. The Verbal  TTCT:  contains presents the examinee with a situation and gives the examinee the opportunity to ask questions, to improve products, and to “just suppose.” 

AGE 6+
Duration: 45 minutes
New examples of TTCT (with permission)


Example, Figural TTCT



What might this be?





   a smooshed spider
   a star
   a set of mini blinds caught in a tornado


To score the TTCT you will need "Manual for Scoring and Interpreting Results", obtainable from the Torrance Center,  or from Scholastic Testing Service.  The manual includes national norms, standard scores, and national percentiles for each age level.


To administer the Torrance you should have experience administrating tests (e.g., you are a teacher, counselor, school staff, or work for an accredited school, college, or governmental agency, or are conducting research as a graduate student working under a supervising faculty member)

To order

The Torrance Center offers training workshops

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