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Lecture Presentations

Lectures 1-8, Fall 2014 (.doc)

Week 1: Introduction/Motivational Tests and Strategies

Week 1 Lecture Presentation (.ppt)

Week 2: Alternative Instructional Strategies: Active Learning, Motivation, and Creative Thinking

Week 2 Lecture Presentation (.ppt)

Week 3: Creative Thinking Methods

Week 3 Lecture Presentation (.ppt)

Example of Metaphorical Thinking: Life on a Train (.ppt)

Week 4: Creative Thinking Wrap-up/Critical Thinking Defined

Week 4 Lecture Presentation (.ppt)

Week 5: Critical Thinking Methods

Week 5 Lecture Presentation (w/ Whack Cards) (.ppt)

Week 6: General Cooperative Learning Methods

Week 6 Lecture Presentation (.ppt)

Week 7: Specific Cooperative Learning Methods

Week 7 Lecture Presentation (.ppt)

Week 8: Technology Related Ideas and Final Presentations

Week 8 Lecture Presentation (.ppt)


Critical Thinking and Cooperative Learning (Which Week? These weeks need to be checked to make sure appropriate ppts are linked.) (.ppt)

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