The first—and most—applied text for Educational Psychology
is more than just a book.

Psychology Applied to Teaching, 9/e

Jack Snowman, Southern Illinois University & Robert Biehler
with Technology Contributor Curtis J. Bonk, Indiana University

Available Now (© 2000) • 672 Pages • Paperback
• ISBN (Student Package) 0-618-03794-2
• ISBN (Instructor Package) 0-618-03788-8


It's an on-the-job resource that helps students put theory into action...

• "Suggestions for Teaching in Your Classroom," highly practical and concrete examples, comprise more than 30% of the text.

• New! Substantial coverage of technology in education has been integrated into every chapter by Curtis J. Bonk of Indiana University, a leading expert in instructional technology, and a dedicated, interactive web site, INSITE (www.hmc, select "Education"), offers unsurpassed resources and enrichment.

...and an up-to-date classroom tool

• New! An entire chapter on "Approaches to Instruction" presents teaching within the framework of the five views of learning: behavioral, cognitive, constructivist, humanistic, and social.

• New! The most extensive coverage available of individual differences features thoroughly revised chapters on "Understanding Student Differences" and "Addressing Cultural and Socioeconomic Diversity."

• New! Other hot topics include the use of technology to promote cognitive development; the importance of Erikson's Industry v. Inferiority stage to classroom teachers; cognitive characteristics of primary, elementary, and middle school c hildren; the relation of Vygotsky's ideas to meaningful learning and metacognition; the role of visual imagery encoding; constructivism, and technology for classroom management and at-risk students.


Psychology Applied to Teaching INSITE
Web Site Companion to Snowman/Biehler 9th Edition developed by
Curtis J. Bonk and a talented team from Indiana University

Visit and select "Education" for a preview!

This important new web-based teaching and learning tool includes the following sections and so much more!


Course Resources for instructors and students...

Field Experiences that bring teaching to life for students and instructors...

Class Applications for your students and theirs...

Share Knowledge and Experience--an international forum--builds community


Please contact: your Houghton Mifflin sales representative; our Faculty Services Center at (800) 733-1717 ; or log onto and select "Education" to request an examination copy of Psychology Applied to Teaching, 9/e which includes a key card providing complete access to INSITE.

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