Syllabus: P650: College Teaching

Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology
Indiana University
Fall, 1996; ROOM 1084 Education Building
Course Time: Friday, 2:00-4:00

Curtis Jay Bonk, Ph.D., CPA
Office: 4022 Education Building
Phone: (812) 856-8353 (Office)
Office Hours: Fridays 10:30-12:00; Wednesdays around 9:30-10:00; or as arranged
E-Mail: CJBONK (e-mail me for advice, requests, reminders, apologies, and other consultation.)

Course Description/Purpose:
This course is meant for Counseling and Educational Psychology Assistant Instructors (AI's) and those who want to teach educational psychology courses. New AI's are to sign up for 2 credits and returning AI's for 1 or 2 credits. There are five requireme nts for your participation in this course:

  1. Attend two peer AI classes and provide feedback (1 if for 1 credit) by Dec. 15th.
  2. Bring in two articles on adult learning (1 if for 1 credit) by Nov. 8th.
    (one article on adult learning in general and the other on college teaching techniques)
    (at least 50% of your peers must deem each article useful in a democratic vote)
  3. Offer up 2 creative teaching techniques you have used (1 if for 1 credit) by Nov. 1st.
    (at least 50% of your peers must deem it creative in a democratic vote)
  4. Share 1 lesson plan from your teaching in a 10-15 minute presentation by Nov. 22nd.
  5. Share your spring syllabi with bold sections noting any changes by Nov. 22nd.
    (includes a 1 page summary of how your teaching will change as a result of this course)

Tentative Schedule:
July 26: Sharing of Syllabi and Lingering Questions (Room 4068)
August 30:Prepping for the bigtime (i.e., next week) and overview of this course (Room 4068)
Sept. 6: Useful Behavioral Techniques (Room 1084)
Sept. 13: Useful Cognitive Techniques (Room 1084)
Sept. 20: Open, Human, Free, Psych Safe, Learner-Centered Tech. (Room 4204)
Sept. 27: Creative Thinking Techniques (Room 4204)
Oct. 4: Critical Thinking Techniques
Oct. 11: Cooperative Learning Techniques: Generic
Oct. 18: Cooperative Learning Techniques: Specific
Oct. 25: Motivational Techniques
Nov. 1: Learning Style and Multiple Intelligences Techniques
Nov. 8: Adult Learning and College Teaching Techniques: A sharing of articles
Nov. 15: Performance, Portfolio, and Alternative Assessment Techniques
Nov. 22: Restructuring this course: Share drafts of spring syllabi.

Final Notes:

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