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MOOCs and Open Education Around the World. Published by Routledge Chapman & Hall.
Edited by Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi M. Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, Thomas H. Reynolds.

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MOOCs and Open Education Around the World is a edited collection that deals with topics pertaining to massively open online courses (MOOCs) and open educational resources (OERs). MOOCs are massive because there is no limit on the number of participating students. The open education resources (OER) movement was the inspiration for the first MOOC courses. Massively open online courses (MOOCs) are a form of digital education technology. As online education becomes more commonplace there is an expanding desire to understand how MOOC courses are being conducted. How can students guarantee that instructors are properly credentialed to teach online courses? What evaluation strategies and experimental teaching practices are being used successfully? What different strategies are being used by organizations like Boston University to conduct these massive open online courses?

Modern advances in elearning technology enable people all around the world to take part in classes online. Professors and quite a few other stakeholders want to grasp these dramatic new open educational resources endeavours. This book answers many questions about MOOCs and other forms of open education resources (OER). To learn more please go to this MOOCs Book website.

MOOCs and Open Education Around the World

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