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Creativity Test: Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (1962)
(For more information, contact Gayle Dow, Indiana University)

The Figural TTCT: Thinking Creatively with Pictures is appropriate at all levels, kindergarten through adult. It uses three picture-based exercises to assess five mental characteristics:
· fluency   · resistance to premature closure
· elaboration   · abstractness of titles
· originality

Streamlined scoring provides standardized scores for the mental characteristics listed above as well as for the following creative strengths:
· emotional expressiveness  · internal visualization
· storytelling articulateness  · extending or breaking boundaries
· movement or action  · humor
· expressiveness of titles  · richness of imagery
· synthesis of incomplete figures  · colorfulness of imagery
· synthesis of lines or circles  · fantasy
· unusal visualization

Appropriate for first graders through adults, the Verbal TTCT: Thinking Creatively with Words uses six word-based exercises to assess three mental characteristics:
· fluency   · flexibility   · originality

These exercises provide opportunities to ask questions, to improve products, and to "just suppose."


Example, Figural TTCT



What might this be?






   a smooshed spider
   a star
   a set of mini blinds caught in a tornado


To score the TTCT you will need "Manual for Scoring and Interpreting Results", obtainable from the Torrance Center,  or from Scholastic Testing Service.  The manual includes national norms, standard scores, and national percentiles for each age level.


To administer the Torrance you should have experience administrating tests (e.g., you are a teacher, counselor, school staff, or work for an accredited school, college, or governmental agency, or are conducting research as a graduate student working under a supervising faculty member)

To order http://www.ststesting.com/2005giftttct.html

The Torrance Center offers training workshops

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Guilford’s Alternative Uses Task (1967)

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