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This is the homepage of Curtis Jay Bonk, Ph.D. I currently teach at Indiana University (IU) in the School of Education. More specifically, I am in the Learning, Cognition, and Instruction (LCI) Program within the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology (CEP) and a core member of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology (CRLT). I also spend much of my time in the Instructional Systems Technology Department (IST). My Ph.D. and Master's degrees are from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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A. Philosophy about Teaching
B. Brief Biography
C. Brief Vita
D. Vita

E. Access to Bonk's Web Courses:
1. SmartWeb; 2. BobWeb; 3. CaseWeb; 4-a. old COW; 4-b. new COW; 5. TICKIT; 6. VU Spring '99; 7. VU; 8. Instruct; 9. Insite , Contributor's Corner, and Student's Corner, Contributions Corner; 10. Bell and Howell; 11. Insite Project Management site; 12. e-education--course evaluation; 13. Nicenet
(COW = Conferencing on the Web _; VU = the Virtual University; VU info)

F. Isn't life grand? (A narrative)

G. Conference papers and PowerPoint presentations
  1. A Ten Level Integration Continuum for Higher Education: A paper presented at Ed Media 1999
  2. Holy COW: Scaffolding Case-Based "Conferencing on the Web" With Preservice Teachers: A paper presented at AERA, 1998.
  3. Pedagogical Activities on the "Smartweb": Electronically Mentoring Undergraduate Students: A paper presented at AERA, 1998.
  4. Online Mentoring of Preservice Teachers with Web-Based Cases, Conversations, and Collaborations: Two Years in Review: A paper presented at AERA, 1999.
  5. A Ten Level Web Integration Continuum for Educational Psychology Courses: New Resources, Partners, Courses, and Markets: A paper presented at AERA, 1999.
  6. Some Recent Power Point Presentations:
    See the PowerPoint presentations or download the PowerPoint files

H. Caseweb: Cases for Undergraduate Educational Psychology Classes based on the 9th edition of "Psychology Applied to Teaching."

Go to book flier

Go to INSITE web site

See the description of the book or order a book at Houghton Mifflin Co.

I. New Edited Book:
Bonk, C. J., & King, K. S. (Eds.). (1998). Electronic collaborators: Learner-centered technologies for literacy, apprenticeship, and discourse. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.
1. Table of Contents
2. List of Contributors
*ISBN: 0-8058-2796-X (cloth); 0-8058-2797-8 (paper).
To order, call Lawrence Erlbaum Associates at (800-9books9) or (201-236-9500).
Also order at Amazon.com for Hardcover, or Paperback.

Book Reviews and Intended Audiences

A new book/website by Greg Kearsley Learning and Teaching in Cyberspace including a brief vignette of Dr. Curt Bonk (see Chapter 10: Education in the Information Age)

J. A 
ten level web integration 

1. Marketing / Syllabi 2. Student exploration 3. Student resources 4. Course resources 5. Repurpose web resource 6. Substantive & graded 7. Course activities 8. Alternative delivery 9. Entire course on the web  10. Larger programmatic

<-----Low to High Level Web Integration Examples----->

The Ten Level Web Integration Continuum: New Resources, Activities, Partners, Courses, and Markets

(The first five levels use the Web as information provider and the second five levels use the Web as course provider)
Highlights of Web Integration: Smartweb, Bobweb, and Caseweb

1. Marketing/ Course syllabi

Sample of Level 1 electronic syllabi from other faculty members:

  • L597: Computerization in Society
  • R685: Knowledge Management

Lists of syllabi

2. Resource for student exploration

3. Student generating resources

4. Instructor developed course resources

  • BobWeb ("Best of Bonk" on the Web)
  • Z302 - Developing Management Skills in School of Business, Indiana University
  • P251/P254/P255: Educational Psychology for Education Majors

5. Repurpose web resources for others

6. Substantive and graded part of course

7. Course activities extended to other courses and people

  • COW (Conferencing On the Web) -- password protected. Please write Dr. Bonk for a password.

8. Web as alternative deliver mechanism for entire course (all students on campus)

9. Web as alternative deliver mechanism for entire course (all students off campus)

10. Larger programmatic efforts

Life is cool:

IU has one of the best equipped Schools of Education in the country and perhaps the world. We are a federal demonstration site for the use of technology in education. As part of my job, I get to play with some of this new technology. Isn't life grand? My Indiana University (IU) School of Education colleagues can be found by clicking here. (Click, Click; it's not a trick!) My department in Counseling and Educational Psychology is filled with brilliant minds and ambitious people. Current research and teaching interests of my Learning, Cognition, and Instruction (LCI) Program colleagues in the Department of Educational Psychology can be found at: Click here or die. (Dr. David Perry and his class, by the way, have created an interesting homepage for his P540: Learning and Cognition in Education course.)

I was Program Coordinator of Learning, Cognition, and Instruction from 1992-1995, and am now a Faculty Fellow for Research at the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE). In addition, I am a faculty member of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology (CRLT) at Indiana University.

In order for you to understand my current contentment, I must point out that before this stage of my life, I was a bean counter. I had various jobs in factories, in public accounting as an auditor and tax accountant, in the medical supply/distribution industry as a corporate controller, in the circuit board industry as an assistant controller. I left the wonderous world of accounting and finance for educational psychology back in 1986 and have been involved in fun, interesting, and complex educational problems and studies ever since. I also have worked in university settings as a teaching assistant at the University of Wisconsin and as an assistant professor at West Virginia University in educational psychology. I am now happily employed at Indiana University as an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology and have been here since 1992. This is the best job yet!!!

Working in higher education, I have the following research and teaching interests.

In a nutshell, my interests are in:

  • Collaborative Writing and Computer Conferencing Tools,
  • Social Cognition and Perspective Taking (e.g., on the WWW),
  • Metacognition and Learning Strategies.
  • Case-Based Reasoning and Problem-Based Learning.
  • Any nontraditional learning environment (e.g., distance education).
I am interested in issues such as learning in a social context; writing theory and collaborative writing technologies; cooperative reading; social constructivist learning environments; problem-based learning; network enhanced scaffolding and social cognition; social interaction and dialogue; and metacognition.

I recently presented at the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference. All the papers presented are available on the WWW.

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To see some great pictures of my family and colleagues, see my online photo album and online album 2.

Come by for a visit anytime or send an e-mail to cjbonk@indiana.edu or call and leave a voicemail message at (812) 856-8353. Or perhaps send a fax at (812) 856-8333.

That's it for now. To be continued. and updated at another date...
Thanks for exploring my home page. Bye!

Doc Jay out... 
For more information, write to me or e-mail me:

 Curtis Jay Bonk, Ph.D., CPA
Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology
Learning, Cognition, and Instruction Program
School of Education: Room 4022
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405-1006
(812) 856-8353

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