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Dr. Curtis J. Bonk
"Ok, time to enter my castle of learning; below are
my course syllabi and other resources I tend to use."

A. Access to Bonk's Web Course Materials and Syllabi:

Note: I also have taught courses on human memory, cooperative learning, problem solving and thinking skills, introduction to educational research, advanced educational psychology, and undergraduate educational psychology.

B. Special Indiana University Sites (IU username and password may be required):

1. One IU  
2. Schedule of Classes (Course Browser)  
3. Term Selection  
4. Oncourse  
5. Canvas at IU  
6. Curt Bonk's TravelinEdMan Blog        
7. Video Streaming  
8. IU Exchange  
9. Dropbox (2 GB of free space to upload and download files)  
10. Zoom Personal Meeting URL:
11. Zoom Personal Vanity URL:
11. Zoom:
12. One.IU - Bringing an app store experience to IU services:
13. GEMS (Note: You must be in VPN and have an IU account to access this website):
14. IST Homepage:

C. Extreme Learning Research:

1. Bonk research team descriptions:

D. Wiki-RIKI Research Project:


E. Bonk's Pictures:


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